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Compatibility with other signs
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True and steady Taurus can appear a bit perfunctory on the outside, practical in that earthy sort of way.
This, however, is only half the story.
Deep inside is a smoldering lover waiting for the right cues.

The Bull wants, and needs, to be safe and pampered, but will flourish if a lover can convince them to take a risk.
When they do, watch out! The Bull can also be very focused in affairs of the heart, the risk being that possessiveness may step in.
Consequently, monogamy with a certain degree of autonomy is the best balance for the Bull.



Sweetness and light may be the best recipe for romance with the Bull. This is a sign which is oh-so-responsive to a wink and a smile and a tender touch, and if all this comes with roses and champagne, much the better. Material pleasures are important to Taureans, and they will create a den of delight sure to dazzle their lover. Seeing as how security and possessions are important to Taurus, a provider of these things will quickly make it to the top of their list. The reward? Undying loyalty and a kinship which is sure to please



The Bull craves someone who is strong and practical, qualities they value in their own life. One who comes bearing gifts also wins, since Taurus is responsive to both material goods and sincere, heartfelt compliments. Making Taurus feel safe is also a smart strategy for their lover, for this approach will bring out the Bull's most sensual self. Think of the Bull as a rose waiting to be picked -- the lucky one will inhale the most intoxicating perfume. Beautiful people, as well as things, work as irresistible aphrodisiacs for those born under this sign. The Taurus lover is dependable and considerate, someone who wants to be in a beautiful world and wants that special someone to share it with. Anyone lucky enough to enter that world will find a sensual soul waiting to be nurtured and explored.



The Bull craves someone who is strong and practical, qualities they value in their own life. One who comes bearing gifts also wins, since Taurus is responsive to both material goods and sincere, heartfelt compliments. Making Taurus feel safe is also a smart strategy for their lover, for this approach will bring out the Bull's most sensual self. Think of the Bull as a rose waiting to be picked -- the lucky one will inhale the most intoxicating perfume. Beautiful people, as well as things, work as irresistible aphrodisiacs for those born under this sign. The Taurus lover is dependable and considerate, someone who wants to be in a beautiful world and wants that special someone to share it with. Anyone lucky enough to enter that world will find a sensual soul waiting to be nurtured and explored.



The Sun in Taurus gives you both willpower and perseverance in your attitude to your life's tasks. Stability and constructiveness are the dominant features of your personality. You are highly methodical in all your dealings and great reliance can be placed upon you, especially in all money matters. You have a shrewd business sense. In matters affecting your career your constructive ability should be given free play. You strive for secure circumstances in work and play.

Thoroughness is a marked characteristic of all your work. You value the practical solution to a problem rather than the theoretical. This leads you to estimate on a materialistic basis and where sheer doggedness and solidity are desirable, you will succeed. You have a good sense of form and a love of pleasure and enjoyment. The negative side is that you may not be sufficiently discriminating, and your critical faculties could need development. You fear taking risks and tend towards conservatism in your judgements. This can discourage you from taking the initiative.

The chief danger in your attitude to life is that your stability of personality may drift into stagnation; you may become a creature of habit. Your willpower too can lapse into mere stubbornness and obstinacy. You need to distinguish between these strengths and their attendant weaknesses as you get older.

In later life, Taureans are apt to put on weight as a result of their natural love of good food ad wine. You should be careful not to overindulge your healthy appetite for the good things in life, remembering that good things in moderation cannot harm you. You may find yourself interested in alternative dietary practices, such as low fat, low salt cookery spiced with plenty of herbs to maintain that gourmet palate.

Those with the Sun in Taurus can learn a lot from the personality traits of their opposite Zodiac sign of Scorpio. The fearlessness and passion of the Scorpion personality adds that complementary zest, that "get-up-and-go" which you need. Along with this sign, you can also be attracted to those born under the sign of Aries and Gemini in longer term personal and sexual relationships. If youíre interested in a Taurian, donít sit around waiting for them to approach you. A Taurus is a patient person, which is something you will have to possess in any relationship with them. Most likely, you will have to be the initiator.

Once youíre on a date with a Taurus, let them know that you enjoy their company. If you pick out the restaurant, make certain that the food and atmosphere are in good taste. And, if youíre planning a dinner at home, try and plan ahead making sure everything is perfect; plenty of good food, good wine, flowers, candles on the table, and soft background music. If you show them that nothing is too good for them, youíre well on youíre way to building a lasting relationship.

With a strong will and a great sense of humor, a Taurian can have a calming effect on people. However, sudden changes in routine can cause friction with them.

If youíre looking for someone dependable, youíve found them. If your looking for someone to constantly assure you of their love and devotion, you might want to keep looking. Taurus is a very sensual person and can awaken sleeping passion in someone they care about.

The Bull, as befits an Earth sign, is a grounded and devoted sort, but that shouldn't be construed as boring. Remember, that Bulls can charge!

Taurus generally wants a harmonious and beautiful relationship, given as they are to a fondness for pretty things.
Whether it's a sweet serenade or silky sheets, Taurus loves anything luxe and those who can bring that aspect into their lives. Does this make the Bull all style and no substance?
Not really, since Taureans are both sentimental and romantic and possessed of a dogged determination which virtually assures that they will get what they want. Keeping the Bull feeling good is the best guarantee of a considerate lover, one which will work hard on a relationship filled with sensual pleasures.

Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac, is symbolized by the bull. Persons born under this earthy, fixed sign are as strong, as steady as the enduring magnificence of a great mountain. Through the years, the mountain stands impervious to the onslaughts of weather, time, floods, droughts and fire, and remains— beckoning our respect and admiration. Its presence creates a beautiful picture, a landmark, a symbol of security for us to identify with, now and for years to come. Taurus individuals are a lot like that beautiful mountain. They seem to have a timeless quality, solid as the Rock of Gibraltar, apparently unchanged by the tide of human events, and unmoved by the pettiness of other mortals around them. Removed as they might seem from human interaction, they still manage to fit into the picture quite admirably, like the mountain, beckoning our respect and admiration. They most often typify the solid citizen and can be found in occupations such as a real estate broker, banker, farmer, financial consultant and the like. But even the mountain, steady as it may seem, will every once in a while, every once in a great, great while, give in to its inner rumblings and spew forth its torrents of utter devastation as a volcano. Nothing can stand in the way of its tremendous power, nor be untouched by its destructive flows. And when all the dust has settled, everything seems to return to its former tranquility, not to be disturbed again for another hundred years or so.

Taureans disposition will probably show their destructive side a few times more per century than the volcano, but not many times more. They are very slow to anger and may even bear indignities silently for many years without complaint. The full extent of their fury may erupt only a few times in their entire lifetime, but when the Taurean's temper finally blows, there is unleashed a destructive force that indeed bears resemblance to that of a volcano. The scathing wrath of a Scorpio doesn't compare to the bull's intemperance. The analogy of 'a bull in a china shop' accurately forebodes the kind of destruction that is likely to attend their blind rage.

This is not to say that the Taurean personality is by any means cruel, overreacting, or violent. Quite the opposite is true. May-born are the most placid, self-controlled individuals you'd ever want to meet. They don't want to go out of their way to hurt you; they just want to be left alone. Their normally staid countenance and easy-going manner bespeak a reverence for the earth, and a desire for harmony among its inhabitants. It takes an awful lot to make the Taurean angry, and the bull will normally take all kinds of insults, derisions, or off-color remarks quite easily in stride, keeping his emotions in check beneath a strong, cool composure. But try and impose one indignity more than he's willing to bear, or wave one red flag too many in the bull's idyllic pasture, and you had better run for your life. The bull will flare his nostrils, lower his horns and charge! Make no bones about it. The Taurean's fury, once set in motion, is impossible to stop and must run its course. No amount of reasoning or logic will prevent it.

Physically, you can expect Taureans to very much resemble their zodiacal mascot, the bull. The shape of the face is often square, and the ears are usually small and close to the head. The hair is generally dark, ranging in texture from the wavy to curly to crinkly, and you may notice a tuft or curl of hair above the center of the forehead, curiously similar to the growth between the bull's horns. The eyes are soft and affectionate, much like a puppy dog's, and members of the opposite sex can find it hard to resist their seductive charm. The neck is usually short and sturdy-looking. The general countenance is serene, characteristic of their zodiacal mascot, combining great mildness with great strength. They are often big-boned with large, imposing bodies, giving an appearance of weightiness in every sense of the word. They appear to have an extra layer of insulating fat, distributed more or less evenly over the entire body. This layer of fat is by no means unattractive, appearing solid, and well suited to the Taurean frame. Consider the likes of Taureans Ann Margret or Cher, and you need wonder no longer just how appealing May-born can be! In spite of the fact that many Taureans give the impression of bigness, they aren't exactly what you would call fat. Stocky or solid far better describes them, and the average Taurean wouldn't be the least bit offended by these terms.

The big-bodied image of Taureans, however, can be misleading and should not become too firmly implanted in one's mind. Many are quite thin, even frail, their appearance defying the usual Taurean physical characteristics. These May-born will probably have a Gemini, Sagittarius, or Pisces Ascendant which will greatly alter the classical Taurean appearance. Nowhere else in the zodiac are physical characteristics so mitigated by other planetary influences than in Taurus. How else are you going to explain those May-born slight-of-frame such as Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire, or Audrey Hepburn? Varied as the natives of this sign may appear, there is one telltale characteristic which will always give the elusive bull away. The eyes will appear to bulge slightly, having a conical or pointed shape at the cornea. Sound too easy to be true? Just look closely at your Taurean friend next time you run into him, and when he catches you examining his eyes, just tell him your making sure he is who he says he is.

In their expression and manner Taureans convey a feeling of extreme nonchalance. The image Taurean Bing Crosby presented in his "road movies" with Bob Hope is hardly that of the excitable type. Even though he faced extreme danger, this venerable Taurean, unlike his Gemini sidekick, seemed to take it all in stride, with hardly a flicker of anxiety. Too often the Taurean nonchalance is mistaken for disinterest or apathy. Nothing could be further from the truth. Taureans are intensely aware of their surroundings, and they haven't been cut short in the feelings department either. They have a reputation for passion second only to Scorpio. Just try and violate a moral or philosophical issue the Taurean really believes in, and you may have a bull opposite your corner ready to lower his horns. In most cases, however, these May-born aren't going to get all hot and bothered over something unless they feel it is really deserving of their attention. Taureans have an air of imperturbability about them which can make you think you're talking to a brick wall. They really do feel what you're talking about; they'd just rather not give you a reaction until they have had time to think about it. Besides, they'd rather see you do all the work canvassing the issues, investigating the pros and cons, and finally bringing back to them the distillation of all your effort. Taureans have a knack for drawing things to them, and it is amazing how people will almost bend over backwards to do for them.

The Taurean is very slow to form any new opinions. He has to weigh things very carefully, sometimes even for years, before accepting any new idea, concept, or philosophy. But when he does, you can be sure it will be based on the foundations of logic, moral righteousness, and cautious conservatism, and he'll probably believe in it for the rest of his life. Taurus-influenced individuals are actually the stabilizing factor in society. They help keep the rest of us from rashness or impetuousness, and prevent us from changing too fast. When those of any group or faction, be they political, moral or philosophical, get too far out of line, it is the bull which gathers them back into his never-changing pasture, to reaquaint them with the virtues of tradition, 'tried-and-true' methods, conservatism and common sense.

It doesn't take a lot of change to keep the average Taurean happy. In fact, he'd probably be quite content to follow the same routine for years without any real changes, excepting perhaps a continual rise in his income. Just plunk the average Taurean down in his old familiar easy chair, let him read the financial news or stock market reports, and he'll let the rest of the world go by. Try and get him to sit in another chair or read the sports page instead, and he'll balk. Most Taureans don't like a change in routine. It somehow disturbs their equilibrium. If you're married to a May-born, don't let him come home to find that you've rearranged the furniture or re-painted the walls a different color. The shock will be too much for his system, and he may actually appear to get physically ill. The secret to handling the average Taurean is to warn him at least a week ahead of time of any changes that may be coming up. That way he'll have plenty of time to prepare himself and gradually accept the new conditions. But try to spring a change on him suddenly, and you'll be confronting a brick wall. Most Taureans don't like to be pushed around by what they consider flights of fancy, but if given enough time, they can adapt to almost anything.

What has been sometimes been attributed to Taurus as sluggishness is actually a quality of inertia. Like a locomotive, they are slow to get moving, but once in motion, and having gained momentum, they are impossible to stop. Taureans can be powerhouses once they feel what they are doing is right or productive. Whoever accused them of sluggishness had seen them before they had gathered steam. At full throttle, the Taurean is a tireless worker, keeping to the straight and narrow track and will not stop until he has reached his goal or objective. Though you may try to deter him from his self-appointed path, the bull will forge ahead letting nothing stand in his way. If he has made an error in judgement along the way, he himself must see his oversight, steer himself in the new direction, and continue on. The bull will rarely succumb to outside influences when pursuing his goals.

If you have deduced from this that the Taurean is a bit stubborn, you are wrong. He is a lot stubborn! When his mind is made up, it's made up, and all the forces of Aristotelian logic or psychoanalytical persuasion won't deter him from his point of view! The bull will seem quite unruffled if you get frustrated with his hard-headedness. After all, he knows the real truth, doesn't he? Your arguments will only seem left-wing or extremist to him, and why should he waste time arguing over something that's already been settled in his mind? May-born can sometimes hold onto a belief or attitude long after all sense of logic or reasoning has proved them wrong, and trying to argue with them about it is a losing proposition from the start. Just give the bull a little time, however, and he'll come around, though he may be too proud to admit he was actually ever wrong. On the plus side, the Taurean will never keep you guessing about where he stands. His opinions are never 'way out,' radical, or too progressive, and you can count on his usually conservative stance now or years from now. He'll never ride the fence on an issue, and will even defend his cause vehemently, if necessary. Though he may not be overly expressive or verbal on the issues, his confident silence seems only to reaffirm the solidity of his position, and indeed, the veracity of his beliefs.

As friends or mates, Taureans will always be there when you need them. Their attribute is constancy, and you'll have comfort in knowing that, like the great mountain, they'll weather even the toughest of times and come away just as before, but stronger. Definitely the strong, silent type, their calm exterior reflects the strength of inner convictions. Taurean Gary Cooper is a perfect example of the bull's uncanny ability to display great strength without moving a muscle. With a bull in your corner, you will have a most trustworthy ally, whose strength of character stands like a mighty oak, and whose affections can be as permanent, as enduring as the earth itself. To those who really know the bull, this can be a comforting thought indeed.




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